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Table of contents

Postby fred » Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:07 am

Hi all,

I want to make a page header without the small snapshots of each page.
Just one list in two columns per page. Can this be done?


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Re: Table of contents

Postby admin » Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:30 am

Yes, it can be done.

Open your database for editing.
Open a page header that already has all your objects around it (for instance circuit diagram)
Press CTRL+A, then CTRL+C
Create a new page header by right click "Table of contents" in the project tree, then click Add
Write a name, description and select paper size.
On the tab "Table of contents" make sure "Create graphics" is NOT selected.
Click OK
Open the page header by double-click the name in the project tree.

Now it's time to add the objects from the circuit diagram.
Press CTRL+V and paste the object to the header.
Add the desired text objects to your list, by clicking Draw in the menu bar, then click Text
Change text type to 7304 for adding a text place holder for the page name.
Continue to add all place holders until you are satisfied.
As you insert text objects then you will see that your list might have several columns. Change this by right-click the page header name in the project tree and click Properties. On tab "Table of contents" write a higher value at "Gap between columns" to decrease the number of columns. You can also lower "Size of table of contents page - Height" to 1 and "Gap between rows" to 4. This will make a text row every 5 units.
Click save when your are satisfied with the result

When you open the project, then don't forget to change your preferred table of contents header in the project settings.

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