Component pack unit and price

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Component pack unit and price

Postby russ » Fri Aug 13, 2021 3:43 pm

I'm having some difficult to understand the logic behind the component's data fields:
* units in pack
* price/pack

Could someone please describe how to use these correctly?

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Re: Component pack unit and price

Postby admin » Sun Aug 15, 2021 8:42 am

Hi Russ,

When defining the component in the database, then you need to know how many is the minimum order quantity for that component.
If the supplier let you buy the article in singles, then you enter 1 in the pack field of the component (no matter of actual pack quantity from the manufacturer).
If you define a terminal block, then these are typically delivered in packs (50, 100 and so on). If you can buy one single terminal from your supplier, then enter 1 in the "units in pack" field. And enter "Price/pack" consequently as for one terminal block.
However, if you can not buy only one single terminal block from the supplier, then you have to enter the full pack quantity in the "units in pack" field. And "price/pack" field will be for the complete package. Elwin will handle the conversation when you use the component in the project editing.

When you use the component in the project editing, then you will always enter the exact number of terminals you need. As this point it does not matter how you defined the terminal block in the database (single pack or multi-pack).

If you generate a purchase order list with above terminal block, then you will get:
* Field 1744 will show the exact quantity to buy
For components defined as singles then 1744 will be the exact number of terminals in the project
For components defined as multi-pack then 1744 will be number of boxes. If your terminals has to be bought in packs of 50 and your project needs 8, then field 1744 will be 1 (=one box and will have to put 42 terminals on your stock)
*Field 1712 will show total order value for the supplier. If you need 8 terminals and you have to buy 50 (=one pack), then this field will reflect the price for only 8 terminal blocks
* Field 1713 will show the price you will have to pay when ordering (in our case with terminals, the price for 50 terminals, even though you will not use all in this project)
* Field 1714 will show the value of the components you put on stock (in our case the value of 42 terminals)

Hope this explains it.

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