Elwin by 3xM Automation

3xM provides the software Elwin which is a CAE/CAD system for designing electrical circuit diagrams with special direction on automation projects. Easy and logical functions enables fast engineering of both simple and advanced solutions. The software is aimed to advanced automation engineers as well as to electricians with basic knowledge of designing.


*** Update June 16th, 2023 ***

Elwin version 2 is now ready after some time of beta-testing. Big thanks to all Beta testers! Special thanks to the following persons AK, CS, EP, SE, JC, MR, SJ and RS. Without your valuable inputs and patience Elwin version 2 would not be possible.

Some highlights in the new major version:

The old version 1 licenses will be called 2099-license and if you have a registered version 1 computer, then contact order@3xm.se to get a new license. In the email state the old registration number and the new version 2 registration number. The 2099-license will be valid until year 2099 but the license can not be transferred to another computer (as this was the condition in the version 1 license agreement)