Elwin by 3xM Automation

3xM provides the software Elwin which is a CAE/CAD system for designing electrical circuit diagrams with special direction on automation projects. Easy and logical functions enables fast engineering of both simple and advanced solutions. The software is aimed to advanced automation engineers as well as to electricians with basic knowledge of designing.

Elwin is shareware which means you can use the software how long and how much you like. There are no limits in function or commercial presentations. An un-registered version has some commands time-delayed.

*** Update Feb 19th, 2022 ***

Elwin Beta v2.0.0 is now ready and is currently tested by Elwin users all around the globe. Do you want to help and make Elwin even better, then please send an email to info@3xm.se. Have you not yet received any link to download Elwin Beta, then please send a new request. When releasing the official version 2.0.0, then the license fee will be adjusted to 39 Euro. So to avoid the price increase, then register you computer already today! All licenses in v1.x will continue to work also in version 2.x.

 *** Update Aug 23rd, 2021 ***

There are many users that are interested to know about the next version of Elwin, so here comes a short summary. As you may have noticed, the last versions of Elwin is struggling with un-expected behaviour. Some of these bugs are related to the last updates of Windows (7, 8 and 10). The current version is based on a very old compiler and I have not continously been doing compiler updates. So I took the decision that the next version should be based on a new modern compiler. Originally, I was just thinking to simply update, convert and compile the original Elwin source code. Unfortunately, the reality was far from my thinking and I had to re-build many of the modules. As the work progressed, then  I also took the opportunity to do some changes that has long been on my want list. All this work took much longer than expected and now I have been struggling to make a functional version.

However, now I can see the end of the work and hopefully the next version will be released some time during next year. Obviously I hope to release v2 as soon as possible, but I can not set any specific date. If you are interested to support and help during the Beta-testing then please contact info@3xm.se

Some summary of the major changes:

The registration will be identical for v1 and v2, so existing users will only need to download, install and go. The price tag for v2 will most likely be changed, but I will communicate this in advanced so you will be able to register to the lower v1 price tag.