Elwin is a software tool for designing electrical circuit diagrams with special direction on automation projects. The software suits both advanced designing by engineers as to more simple circuit diagrams by electricians.

Elwin is a databased CAE/CAD system, which means all graphics, text and data is pre-defined in a database. When editing a circuit diagram the user selects objects from the database and only specifies the object properties. When Elwin draws the circuit diagram, it combines data from the database with the object properties. This enables fast and secure designing of your circuits. The symbols of a curcuit diagram are often cross-referenced to other diagrams, Elwin handles all cross-references automatically and of course it's online. You can navigate to all cross-references by simply double-click its text.

The layouts editing is using the same idea as for circuits, select object from the database and move in position. Click! You will save time using Elwin. Examples of layout objects are layouts of components, cable ducts, mounting rails, measurement etc.  All layout editing is directly in millimeters which will help you when you move objects between layouts pages of different scale. You can not fail with the scaling using Elwin!

Several different automatic generated lists are available in Elwin. Each list is easy added with a couple of mouse-clicks. Example of lists are cable list, cable connection list, wire list, component list (Bill of material), order list, engraving plate list, table of contents, revision lists, I/O lists etc.

All objects in the database are fully editable. You open the database file in Elwin and you have full access of adding, modifying or deleting any object. Example of database objects are logic symbols(13 different types), layout symbols, components, cables, wires, page headers, cable ducts, mounting rails, suppliers, currencies, pictures etc.

You can export your Elwin project by using the built-in converter to PDF (Acrobat) and DXF-format. The PDF format may be used for direct presentation of your projects on the web (see our examples) or sending to your customer. The DXF format you can send to customers or suppliers who are using AutoCAD or similar.

The development of Elwin are in close cooperation with professional engineers and our goal is to continously improve Elwin. If you have any ideas for improvements or any new functions then please contact info@3xm.se.