One license is 29 Euro.

Please note the license covers only one computer. For additional installations you will need to register again. The registration number must be supplied upon registration. The registration number reflects the computer hardware and if you exchange any hardware part you may need to license the computer again.

3xM Automation is co-operating with PayPal which is an international company for payments on Internet. PayPal will handle the transfer from your credit card to our account within PayPal. The transfer is fast, free and secure! For more information please visit PayPal's web site at

Step by step:

  1. Download and install Elwin.
  2. Identify the registration number in Elwin, by clicking Help in the menu bar, then click Register Elwin.
  3. Make sure the registration number is stable on your computer by clicking the button Check on the same dialog box where you find the registration number. If you use virtual network connections (like VMWare) on your computer then make sure these connections are not activated when you license Elwin (restart Elwin after inactivation of the virtual network connections). Once copied the registration number then you can activate your virtual network connections again.
  4. Copy and paste the registration number to the below text box.
  5. Enter the email address where we will send the password.
  6. Click the button BUY NOW and complete the PayPal payment form. Please note you won't have to open any account within PayPal to fulfill the payment.
  7. When we have received your payment then we will send a password to the email address you specified.
Item: Elwin single computer license
Price: 29.00 EURO
Registration number
Email address to send password


Elwin is installed with all functions enabled. For this reason, completed payments are not refundable.

Please contact if you have any questions or problems.